Courtroom Etiquette

Making a good impression in court is very important. Below is a list of things to remember before you go to court:

  • * Always show up on time
  • * Know where to go. This may mean showing up early!
  • * Keep good records and REMEMBER your next court date and time.
  • * Always show respect to the judge, bailiff, courtroom staff and DA.
  • * Kindly ask for your attorney to be present if DA asks to discuss your case.
  • * Cell phones OFF! Duh. And be silent while court is in session.
  • * Dress appropriately. No shorts. No offensive clothing.
  • * If you have questions regarding your case, ask your attorney.
  • * Report to your bail agent after each and every court appearance.


It’s a good idea to be represented by an attorney when you appear in court. Sometimes, the judge will even REQUIRE that you have an attorney! Being well informed of your charges, potential fines and sentencing possibilities is also important. Your attorney will help you to have a better understanding of these things. Hiring a good attorney is also important to defend your rights, argue your case, file motions and negotiate with the District Attorney.