How to Clear a Warrant

Clearing you warrant doesn’t have to mean a knock on your door or getting hauled in by the police. If you have an outstanding warrant, we can help to clear it without spending time in jail or being arrested by law enforcement. Call and we can verify that the warrant is active and can be paid by a bondsman. Unfortunately, some warrants must be paid cash. If you’re unsure if you have a warrant or would like to find out if we can help, call NOW! Being proactive is much better than the inevitable alternative.

What happens when a warrant is cleared by the ‘Walk-Thru’ method?


  • * Bond Paperwork is completed ahead of time
  • * Paperwork includes an application and cosigner agreement
  • * Some warrants can be cleared by signing a bond at the courthouse
  • * Other warrants must be cleared at the jail
  • * A bail agent will go to the jail with you and to ensure there are no ‘hickups’
  • * While you are inside the jail, you should never see a jail cell
  • * The booking process at the jail is fairly simple:
  • * A booking officer will take your picture and you will be fingerprinted
  • * After the jail notifies the sheriff’s office that you have made bond, the sheriff will issue a release

Simple Bail Bond Financing

We understand that paying for a bail bond can be difficult. Many time our clients have other family members they must care fore while out on bond. That’s why we offer financing options for clients who have the ability to make biweekly or monthly payments. Typically bail premium is 10% of the amount of the bond. With as little as 3% of the bond amount down, we may be able to extend a payoff plan for the remaining balance. Call Signature Bail Bonds to discuss payment options that fit your budget.

Bail Bonds Explained

For most criminal cases, a defendant is require to make several court appearances. Bail if offered as an alternative to remaining in jail during this time.

What is bail and how does it work?

Bail is the fee paid to the court or a bail bond company to gain a release from custody while your case (and defense) is being prepared. When you are arrested, a judge will set a BOND AMOUNT. This amount must be paid or guaranteed by a bondsman in order for you to be released from custody.

Why do I need a bondsman?

You may not need a bondsman. If you can pay the FULL CASH AMOUNT of the bond, you or a family member can ‘make bond’ without using a bail bond company. However, often times the amount of the bond is very high or the bond money is not available. Another thing to consider may be the need for an attorney. Attorney fees can sometimes be a big expense. To save money, a bail agent (bondsman) can guarantee your appearance in court by undertaking an APPEARANCE BOND on your behalf. The fee a bail bond company charges is much less than the full bond amount (typically 10% of the bond). Oh yeah, we even offer MORE discounts on this fee when paid in full. And financing is available too!

Do I get my money back after the case is complete?

If you or a family member puts up the FULL CASH AMOUNT of the bond, that money is returned as long as the defendant makes all of their court appearances. When a bail bond company makes the bond for you, the smaller bail fee (premium) is retained by the bail bond company and no refund is available.